The type of wood that is suitable for furniture

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Solid wood was initially in demand for furniture or furniture at home. The reason is quite simple, besides being durable or durable, solid wood material has the capacity to accommodate loads that are more than other wood materials.

Make sense indeed, but wood supplies do not always exist. Or in other words limited and this makes the players in the craft industry begin to switch to using alternative raw materials which are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Types of Wood for Furniture – Furniture

Solid wood raw material is indeed in great demand because it is the strongest material to accommodate the load and its durability if we compare it with processed wood. In addition to the appearance of solid wood is more beautiful, solid wood can also be assembled many times so that not a few furniture products are exported abroad.

Then, what kind of solid wood is most in demand for furniture needs? Well, here we will give the list, the type of wood for furniture. Please listen.

1. Teak wood

We can say Teak wood is premium wood originating from tropical forests in Southeast Asia so it is widely used by hobbyists of wood or wood craftsmen both for interior products – indoor or exterior – outdoor.

  • Teak Wood Character
    The character of teak wood has a layer of oil on the pretext that the wood is waterproof, which makes teak wood always shine and last for a long time.
  • Reddish brown, when exposed to sunlight it turns light brown
  • Anti-bacterial, not easily weathered
  • Easy maintenance
  • Thick teak fiber, making it easier to work on furniture
  • Resistant to impact

2. Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood in full form or log is cheaper than teak. Will be the opposite when it is processed into furniture, furniture products priced at mahogany are more expensive than teak.

Mahogany character
Fine fibers and pores
Brownish red color

3. Wood is in fact

Kayu Nyatoh is also one of the most sought after wood craftsmen for furniture or furniture products in general. This wood is widely available or grows in the province of Riau on the island of Sumatra.

Wood character in fact
Straight fiber
Smooth texture like teak wood
Brownish red color
Durable, resistant to termite attacks

4. Pine Wood for Furniture

Pine wood is very popular to be used as raw material for furniture or furniture products because besides pine wood is very easy to get – a lot of supplies, even the price of pine wood in our opinion is also very very affordable.

Pine Wood Character
Bright colour
Fine fiber
Easily attacked by fungi

5. Sungkai Wood

Sungkai wood is widely regarded as an alternative to teak wood which has a premium price. If you visit a number of semarang culinary outlets, the average design is made from sungkai wood. Because besides having a lighter color, Sungkai wood is also suitable for furniture or furniture that is in the room – interior.

6. Cedar wood

Cedar wood is widely known as the Aras originating from the Mediterranean or Himalayan region. This wood has the characteristic of very pointed leaves and green throughout the year. On the market, cedar wood is widely used as a raw material for wardrobe and shoe products.

Character of Cedar
Hold cold and rainy weather
The humidity is good enough for furniture
Not easy to rot
Have a fresh aroma
Resistant to termites and insects
Contains resin to absorb moisture and odor

7. Ramin wood

Ramin wood is widely found on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. Widely used not only for furniture products but also molding, frames, veneers and of course many more.

Ramin Wood Character
Yellowish color
The texture tends to be smooth and flat
Easy to use in the process of furniture

May be useful…….

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