Tips for a Good Chair for Garden at Home

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Having a garden at home is certainly very beautiful, right? But, of course it will feel less, if in your garden there are no chairs. Well, want to find a beautiful garden chair for your home? Check out our tips and recommendations first.

Create Harmony of the Park with Garden Chair Furniture

Having a garden at home is not just an indulgent eye. The presence of the park can make the residential environment more beautiful also feels fresh. Small or large garden can be adjusted to the land owned.

If you happen to have a large enough land, there is no harm in making a large enough garden. Besides being able to refresh the environment around the house, the park can also be used as a land for family events.

Beautify with garden decorations such as wooden chairs or bamboo chairs. These beautiful chairs not only sweeten the landscape in the garden but can also be used as a sitting pad that makes you do routines like reading a book or just relaxing.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Chair at Home


When choosing a chair to be placed outside the room, there are several things that you must look at and one of them is material resilience. Chair material that is intended to be outside the home must be strong to deal with weather changes such as being exposed to rain water and alternating sunlight that can affect material resistance.

Materials commonly used for garden chairs are wood, iron, rattan, plastic and bamboo. These ingredients also have the advantages of each deficiency, but you should choose wood materials such as teak.

Teak wood is known to be strong compared to plastic material that is easy to change color or easily rusty iron. In addition, the natural appearance of wood can also give the impression of being comfortable and in accordance with a beautiful garden.


Your home will look neater with the right interior and exterior arrangement. This includes not only the color of the wall paint or the shape of the house but also on supporting objects such as garden chairs.

So that the garden area looks more charming, you should choose a chair that fits the concept of your home. For homes with Scandinavian concepts, for example, you can choose wooden chairs with natural or white paint.

Conversely, if you carry an artsy pop theme, you can be creative with more eccentric and colorful chairs.


Your garden may indeed be spacious but that doesn’t mean you have to choose an unusually large garden chair. Pay attention to the area of ​​the garden and adjust it to the size of the chair so that its presence makes the appearance of the garden look shady rather than full.

Garden chair size can also be adjusted to your needs. If family members often spend time in the park, you can choose medium-sized medium-sized chairs or folding chairs that are easily stored.


Costs or funds to buy garden furniture do tend to not be cheap and this is generally directly proportional to quality. Nice quality garden chairs made from teak or mahogany are generally priced at a fairly high price but you can believe in their durability.

Adjust funds with the price of park chairs offered. Don’t underestimate the quality and consult the seller so that you can get good quality furniture at a reasonable price.

10 Best Options for Your Home Garden Chair


If you plan to beautify the garden, choose a chair with quality materials such as teak. This type includes durable and able to support the human body weight properly according to its designation.

One of the things you can choose is this Antique Bale Teak Garden Chair, Sofa Stool. Natural color with elegant design, this chair can be occupied by up to three people. Can be ordered via Tokopedia for IDR 1,550,000.

Pine Rotan Domino Lounger Chair – ChocolateDo you have a hobby of reading? Try to do this habit outdoors like a park. Fresh air can relax you and read more fun. Support by sitting comfortably on a rattan chair like this brown Pine Rattan Domino Lounger Chair.

Made of lightweight and strong rattan material, this chair is comfortable with cushion pads and a small table that you can maximize. Can be obtained through Blibli at a price of Rp. 2,100,000.

Celebrity Bench Garden Chair 09

Try a different atmosphere by moving your family event from the living room to the garden area. You can put garden chairs and tables that are strong and mingling more intimate in a fresh atmosphere. Choose the time of the afternoon to make it feel cooler.

To support these activities, you can choose Celebrity Park Bench Chair 09. Consisting of 1 bench, 2 chairs and 1 table. Made of quality material that is resistant to scorching weather and rain, you can order this garden chair at a price of Rp. 2,325,000 at Lazada.


You can beautify the garden with a parasol or mini canopy. Change the monotonous atmosphere by putting beautiful umbrellas and matching them with chairs such as this 8 Chair Horses Iron Chair.

The appearance of this minimalist chair is also perfect for decorating your small garden. Made of wrought iron and available in single or double seater sizes, this chair can be obtained through Bukalapak for Rp. 1,353,800.

MAMAGREEN Oko Bench 110cm

This 110 centimeter Mamagreen Oko Bench is suitable for Scandinavian style gardens. You can combine this natural wood colored bench with a matching colored table.

Made of teak wood with stainless steel chime, this rectangular chair can be obtained through Lazada at a price of Rp. 6,450,000.

Minimalist Teak Garden Chair Sets

To make the garden look more eyecatching, you can choose furniture with bright colors like orange, yellow, bright green or white. If your garden tends not to be too wide, choose a minimalist chair model but still stand out.

One that you can try is this Minimalist Teak Garden Chair Set. Made from teak wood with a classic design that gives an elegant impression to your ataman, this chair set can be ordered for Rp. 4,750,000 through Tokopedia.

IKEA APPLARO Long Outdoor (Garden) Chair / Bench, Chocolate

In addition to teak wood, acacia wood is predicted to be a quality furniture material with an insect that is hated by insects. This can affect the durability of furniture because the aroma can keep away furniture from termites that can damage the chair.

One of the acacia wood garden chairs that you can choose from is IKEA APPLARO, this brown color Long Chair / Bench. Acrylic and made of solid acacia wood, you can order it through Ikea Indonesia for Rp. 975,000.

FCENTER Humming Bird Garden Chair + Table

Want to give a classic oriental feel in your garden? Choose a garden chair with a single sater design. Pair with a round table that has curves on the legs so that it looks more elegant.

FCENTER Humming Bird Garden Chair + Table can be an alternative to beautify your garden. Made of wrought iron combined with solid wood, the Hummingbird motif on the chair can make a charming classic impression in the garden or garden. Get through Blibli at a price of Rp. 2,449,000.

Park Bench, Jepara Teak Bean Chair

Javanese-style houses are still in demand by many people because it gives a classic look that is timeless. This style is adapted not only for the interior but you can also apply it in your garden or garden. Choose a park bench with darker wood colors such as a Park Bench, this Jepara Teak Bean Chair.

Made of teak wood with finishing meline lacquer. The neck of the chair gives the impression of elegance with a circular model and the brown color gives a charming vintage look. Can be obtained through Tokopedia for Rp. 1,700,000.

Pine Rattan Arthur Terrace Garden Chair Set – Red Pulut

Rattan includes strong material with an attractive appearance on the surface. When used as a variety of furniture, rattan can give a luxurious look that is sweet and can beautify the area of ​​your home including a garden.

Pine Rattan Arthur Terrace The Park-Red Pulut Chair Set can be your chosen alternative. Made from synthetic rattan woven with aluminum frame, this set consists of two single seater and a table that is safe for the environment due to food grade material.

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