Tips for Choosing the Right Bookshelf

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Those who like to read can almost certainly have a large collection of books in their homes. Yes, besides being happy to read, nerds also have a hobby of collecting (even hoarding) books. There are even some book lovers who treat their books with special treatment, like the book is a sacred object that should not be arbitrarily treated.

One of the most common types of care for bibliophiles is to store their “sacred objects” in a cupboard or bookshelf. Yes, besides being useful for storing collections of reading books, the existence of bookshelves also has other benefits, such as:

Tidying the Book Collection
Bookshelves are the most important things that should not be missed by those who have a large collection of books. Imagine, if there were no shelves, where would you store the books? The existence of a bookshelf is very important so that the collection of books that you have is not scattered everywhere.

Simplify Search When Needed
Collection of books that are not stored on a shelf and left scattered will make it difficult for you when you need them. Placing all collections of books on a special shelf will make it easier for you to look for them again.

Maintaining the durability of book collections
Placing books on special shelves or cabinets will also make the books more durable. Besides not being exposed to dust, books stored on the shelves are also far from termites or even the reach of small children because they are not touched carelessly.

Now, after knowing the benefits of using the bookshelf above, how? Of course you want to give the best treatment for your books, huh? One thing that needs to be considered; choosing bookshelves to display at home is of course different from bookshelves that will be on display in the office and not as easy as choosing a tv rack and wall shelves because the size of the shelves must be adjusted to many books. Well, before deciding to buy, it’s a good idea to pay attention to 9 tips on choosing a good bookshelf below:

Pay Attention to Room Size
The first point that should not be ignored when choosing a bookshelf is to adjust it to the size of the room. This is very closely related to the size of the rack you choose. Suppose that the shelf will be placed in the living room, if your house has a large enough living room, then using a large size bookcase is absolutely necessary. And vice versa, a bookcase that is too large is certainly not right if placed in the room.

Adjust to the number of collections that you have
The next important thing is to adjust the size of the shelf to the number of books you have. If the number of books is not too much, the rack with a large size does not seem necessary. Just adjust it to your needs.

Bookshelves are generally made of wood or some are made of glass. Whatever material is used, make sure that the shelf you choose has a frame that is strong enough, so you can store a large collection of books. Choosing a strong shelf also affects the shelf life of the shelf.

If you want a shelf made of wood, choose the type of wood that is durable, termite resistant, and moisture resistant. This is very important because your books will be stored there later. Imagine, if the bookshelves that you have are easily exposed to termites, it is not impossible that your books will also be devoured by termites.

Have Art Value
Eits, who says bookshelves are only useful as storage cabinets? Another benefit that you can explore from the existence of bookshelves is as a decoration component that will further enhance the appearance of the room. Therefore, choose the type of rack with a neat design and model as desired. No need to worry, because now there are many sellers who offer bookshelves with unique models.

Can be seen
It cannot be denied, another reason for using bookshelves is that they can be used as room decorations. Therefore, choose a shelf with an open model so that the stored books can still be seen from the outside. If you want to use a closed model rack, choose one that uses glass so that it can still be seen from the outside.

Anything That Will Be Stored in a Rack
Bookshelves, besides being used as book storage cabinets, are generally also used as a storage cabinet for decorating rooms, ranging from dolls, photo frames, vases, trophies, and other desired objects. Therefore, choose a shelf model that is suitable and can be used to store these objects.

Adjust to Room Style
Customizing the bookshelf model with room style is very important, you know. This is of course closely related to the harmony value that will be obtained later. For example, classic bookshelves are less suitable if placed in a modern style room, on the contrary, a minimalist model rack (without complicated details) would be more fitting to be placed in a modern nuanced space. Therefore, do not misuse and mix bookshelves with the room in your house, huh.

Note the Ergonomic Side
Yes, even choosing a bookshelf does not mean you can ignore the ergonomic points. Pay close attention to the height of the bookshelf so you can reach it easily. The ideal height of the bookshelf is that it can still be reached by hand, so you don’t have to bother going up to the chair just to reach the book on the top shelf.
In addition, a rack that is too high will also make it difficult for you when you want to clean or do maintenance for these books. Also, choose a bookshelf with a suitable and medium bulkhead, not too wide nor too narrow.

Adjust to Budget
Yes, this last point is indeed quite important and should not be ignored. Usually, bookshelves made of teak or metal are indeed more expensive than bookshelves from other materials. This, of course, also applies to TV shelves and wall shelves, which of course will be more expensive if built with teak wood. Choosing a bookshelf according to your wishes is certainly not a problem, provided that everything is in accordance with the needs and budget or budget that has been provided. Remember, don’t impose finance just to buy a shelf that isn’t too necessary.

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